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About Portitle

Portitle is a portal to dozens of cinema and TV content sites.

  • What's in the box?

    When searching for a media title, Portitle smartly identifies this title and let you select information source to browse this title. You will directly land at the title's page on the site you selected.

  • Quickly retrieve movie summaries, reviews and trailers from all the popular sites

    If you downloaded a lot of movies and would like to decide which of them to watch now, Portitle is your new best friend.

    We support: IMDB, Wikipedia, AllMovie, RottenTomatoes, iTunes, YouTube, TrailerAddict, OpenSubtitles, SubtitlesBank, The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, FilesTube and many more.

    We continuously work on adding more media content sites and making sure that the sites already in are well integrated. If you would like us to add your favorite site, drop us a word.

  • Use our extensions and accelerators

    When using Windows Explorer (with our Windows Extension), you can right click on any media file in your computer to get it identified by Portitle, then teleport to your favorite site the read about this movie, watch trailer and get reviews.

    If you browse the web with Google Chrome (with our Chrome add-on), or Mozilla Firefox (with our Firefox add-on), you can highlight any movie name you encounter, right click and send to Portitle.

    You may also launch Portitle firectly from VideoLan video player to get information or subtitles for the movie you currently watch with our VLC extension.

  • Quickly download movie and episode subtitles

    Have a movie file but need subtitles? No problem. With Portitle you can download subtitles in your language for a movie or an episode, using mouse only. Be teleported to one of many subtitles sites, to directly download subtitles matching your release media file.

  • Designed for HTPC

    Portitle is HTPC (Home Theater PC) friendly, designed to be operated comfortably from your couch using a mouse only. You get large fonts, Virtual Keyboard, zoom-in and out buttons and drag-drop support.

  • Search with Brains

    Portitle smart search can identify movies, TV series, TV episodes and TV shows in many languages, with spelling mistakes, and even release names in various formats (file names of downloaded media titles as release by 'The Scene').

  • Movie Hash Supported

    If you browse for, or drop, a movie file on the search text box, a "hash", which is unique signature of the media file is calculated, and using this hash we can uniquely the file you selected. However you can also drop a folder or a subtitle file to get it identified.

  • International

    In Portitle you can get your content in your language. When you select a preferred language, you get your information, subtitles and trailers in that language when possible (for sites that supports that language).

  • Mobile Device Friendly

    However Portitle is also smart phone friendly, adapted to smaller screens with lower resolutions, and large buttons suitable for touch screens.

Support Us

Running this site costs money. We pay for domain name, web hosting and search queries in Google and Yahoo to make your searches accurate.
If you found this servifce useful, in order to keep this service running, free, and ads-free, please support us with a small donation. You can donate using PayPal or BitCoin.
Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on one of the donation buttons.
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